Pipilotti Rist

«I Couldn’t Agree With You More»


Pipilotti Rist is a Swiss video artist who uses her sensual and bold video installations to challenge conventions and taboos in an entertaining, ironic and confident way. Many of Rist's video installations are inspired by the graphic qualities and the filmic potential of television and the associated domestic settings and atmosphere, which she translates into her exhibition spaces. According to Rist, it is its color noise above all else that gives the medium of video its painterly quality. Hallmarks of her videos are spectacular tracking shots and an onslaught of images that are transformed and arranged in associative montages to create dreamlike sequences. Rist not only projects her videos onto vaults but also onto floors, ceilings, furniture and curtains, thus creating all-encompassing environments that make the spectator a part of the installation. Her work entitled I Couldn’t Agree With You More shows the artist in a shopping center and in a flat. As she films her face striding through the world, shots of nude figures, hiding from car headlights, can be seen in a green, hazy forest landscape on her forehead.

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